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Hiking in almond blossom

Meet spring in Tenerife with hiking among lush and flowering valleys among the flowering almond trees. It is one of the most beautiful things you can experience in Tenerife. From mid January to mid February, thousands of almond trees bloom in white and pink in the mountains. The almond tree originates from Asia, and in Greece, almond trees have been cultivated since the 400 BC, and to Tenerife, the first trees came in the 16th century. Almond trees reminiscent of times when producing sweet and bitter almonds in the mountain villages. Sweet almonds were used in food and pastries and the bitter

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My Christmas? … In Tenerife

The Canary Islands are your destination. It is among the top five most visited destination to spend CHRISTMAS. IN TENERIFE everything is different, everything is good weather, evertything is first class tourism. You can walk through the iluminated streets of La Laguna, visit the biodiversity of the island, taste the best of Canarian cuisine and why not, attend the most endearing Christmas events. Besides, making your purchases has never been easier with the large number of shopping centers near Anykasur and your accommodation thought for your vacations. Do you want to bathe on the beach in December and January? You

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