Can we be of any help?

Decide where you want to visit and get the required maps and information.

Study the maps and decide your starting point, which may even be the ANYKASUR offices or your holiday residence

Use the maps and guide books to identify the characteristics and reference points that will guide you throughout your excursion.

IMPORTANT!!! Make sure your route or excursion is within your technical and physical possibilities and that you have enough time to complete the route. Tenerife has an extensive network of spectacular pathways, routes and nature trails, many of which are part of Tenerife’s El Teide Nature Park.

You should also visit other stunningly beautiful locations such as Masca, the Giant’s Cliffs (Alcantilados de los Gigantes), Hell’s Gorge (Barranco del Infierno), Anaga and, just a short boat trip away, the many islands and islets that make up the Canary Island archipelago.

If hiking is your thing, you’re in luck…

Study the instructions and distances then follow the reference points to plan your route – it will help you get an idea of what’s in store for you on your hike.

An extensive network of sign-posted pathways through the island’s most spectacular places is right at your fingertips… Do you like hiking?

Relax, take your time and enjoy your surroundings

ANYKA SUR recommendations…

These obviously depend on the duration of the excursion and the places you are going to visit, but it’s always better to be prepared, so here are some recommendations:

  • Extra clothing for possible changes in the weather
  • Extra food
  • Water
  • Sunglasses
  • A pocket or Swiss Army knife
  • A first-aid kit
  • A torch
  • A map or guide to the area
  • A mobile phone